Asia's largest 1:87 miniature town. situated at Gateway Ekamai.
connected to BTS Ekkamai, Bangkok, Thailand

Everyday 10.00 am - 08.00 pm


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Dr. Apple

Stanley MiniVenture is about our world, our environment, our province, and our Country. Normally, children do not get to see the big picture, they only watch from their own height. However, here they can see the big picture and other people's points of views, along with their own from above.

They will see that the world. just does not revolve around them, but there is a vast world around us, with different lifestyles and places. In itially, every one of us used to think that rest of the world around us are just the same, and as we grew up we learned that it wasnever the case. We are just a small natural part of the greatness, and thinking like this is what will nake the difference. Looking from another angle. in addition to one self.

Little again, because an adult heart does not realize that life and our problems are very small. compared with the rest of the world. The grownups hera, will also feel like kids again. because when we were young we were rarely ever scared. we dared to ride cycle and face challenges even when the wind was strong.

For children, this place will change their perspectives on life, and they will realize and learn different point of views on life, and the varieties the world is made up of, The children will grow up with broader ideas. because Stanley MiniVenture will change the view and hence, change their views on life itself. They will be able to understand each other more easily, and accept the opinions of others.

The children will learn to recognize a lot of things in a wider perspective, and grow up to be sensitive to others' lives in the future. The birds-eye view of this miniature town, which represents our World. will help children grow more semses, and create awareness.

They will begin to think. why people live differently. why circumstances, culture and surrounding leads to different lives. This will help to the develop children's brain more in advance.

    Our brain is divided into three parts.
  • 1. Controls eating
  • 2. Emotion, love, memory
  • 3. Outside

The imitation of real life in a single image is not observed every day. Usually. we just see the opposite. The scale is seen as normal, however in this 1:87 scale, it depicts multiple events in a single scene.

Stanley Miniventure- Asia's Largest 1:87 Miniature Town will teach children how to observe and they will see what adults usually do not see. They will learn the mechanism of things and the possibillities of our world.

This will inspire the children to see what nature has created, as they do not get to witness everything the world has, around them in real life. They will see human evolve and different lives at different places, all at once, which they cannot if not traveling the World. What te men have created in the world, from nothing, and how far development has occurred till now.